Our Story







“Fashion & Fair”

The ZoldFold is your online destination for fashion with a fair outlook. Discover fashion basics and wardrobe staples, perfect for creating your capsule wardrobe.

We stock brands with a minimal aesthetic, and mostly in muted tones, so that they can be paired in hundreds of combinations and slot into your wardrobe effortlessly. The classic styles don’t date and help you create that transseasonal wardrobe that everyone needs.

Style is our #1, sustainability, in our opinion should always go hand-in-hand. Fashion can still be Fair, and Fair still means Fashionable at The ZoldFold.


“Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit does count” – Stella McCartney

Created in 2017 by a graduate fashion designer, who has had the opportunity to see some of the unfortunate truths hidden behind the seams of the fashion industry. We wanted a name that meant something and relayed a hidden message to our customers without being too direct. After much thought and researching words from various cultures that have a personal connection, ‘ZoldFold’ was discovered. Fold – meaning Earth in Hungarian felt like a great place to start. We all ‘fold’ our clothes, so this also felt very fitting.  However, it needed something with it. That’s where ‘Zold’ came about – meaning green in Hungarian. The ZoldFold literally translated means ‘the green Earth’.